POTUS Signs Order Directing National Guard to be Deployed on the Border 📺

The Left is in an uproar following DHS Sec Nielsen’s announcement that the National Guard would be deployed to the border. The Guard will act in the same capacity supporting the Border Patrol in securing the US border as they did when fmr Pres’ obama and George W Bush deployed them.

Now that Pres Trump has signed the order to put the guard on the border Democrats, Establishment republicans and NeverTrumpers are claiming it is a waste of money and resources. Keep in mind the same people complaining now didn’t object when their “guy” did it. It’s really of no surprise that the same people against securing schools are the same ones against securing the border. They talk a good game but choose to do nothing for political expediency. Take note of leaders rejecting this action by Trump, they are the people who need to be voted out of office.