Dem Rep Ellison Wears Shirt Advocating the Elimination of National Borders at May Day Parade 📺

Dems have a habit of expressing where they really stand on issues when they appear on foreign tv news programs, attend events by certain minority groups where everyone is not speaking in English or in this case wearing clothing in another language.

If one was to confront Rep Keith Ellison where he stands on immigration, he would of course say “we need comprehensive immigration reform” and carry on about following the law. All of that is bs when he is caught at a May Day (COMMUNIST) parade wearing a shirt that says “yo no creo en fronteras”, which means “I do not believe in borders”.

If dems retake Congress in the 2018 midterms and then the White House in 2020 you can be sure they will ram through as much of their radical agenda as possible dwarfing what they did in 2009 with barackobamacare. Conservatives and republicans cannot be complacent with the upcoming elections the alleged blue waved must be stopped.