Maxine Waters is Losing It, Now Making Threats: People Have To “Resist” Trump or “Go Down With Him”! 📺

Sad pathetic woman Maxine Waters is to still be hanging onto this collusion nonsense. Most sane Americans do not believe in this false narrative the democrat party cooked up. Many are tired of it, as there is NO PROOF to this day of any wrong doing, and it has been made abundantly clear collusion is not a crime.

Waters is losing it, now treading on more dangerous territory by threatening the country to choose sides.
“I think we are going to get to the point where people are either going to have to stand up and resist this president and talk about how he is dangerous for our democracy, or they are going to go down with him.”

Either Americans side with her and the loons who want Trump impeached, since the day he was elected or stand opposed and be prepared to “go down with him”? By whom Maxine? Not to sound like a 5th grader, but who is going to take him and those standing with him down, you and what army? Need you be reminded that all the crazy right-wingers are the ones with all the guns?

People can dance around and say this country isn’t on the brink of some kind of conflict, if not civil war, all they want. The warning signs are everywhere, everyday Trump remains in office; people in the 1850’s were probably living in denial too.

These monsters are enraged by Trump’s very existence and how he is fulfilling campaign promises that in effect are dismantling everything obama and the dems “accomplished” over the last 8 years. Civility is just about gone, the partisanship and double standards are off the charts, and the hatred grows by the day. Dems have gone so far off the edge they’re cheering for any deal between US and N Korea to fall through, care more about illegal aliens, humanizing MS-13 and Hamas. If they regain power in Congress they’re promising to impeach Trump, raise taxes, institute single payer (govt controlled healthcare) and more of less go full socialist.

The only resistance that is going to rise up are sane Normal Americans against these destroyers of the Republic, not a democracy Congresswoman!

Leftists are not nuts, they’re unhinged with dangerous leaders like Waters who will not be able to control the monsters she’s pandering to if trouble starts! Best way to avoid it all is to be more active this election year than you were in 2016. If you want people like Waters gaining more power, then sit home election day, just don’t bitch and moan when the media is cheering democrats have regained power in Congress.