MSNBC Host: Is Originalist View of Constitution Appropriate Now That Americans Are More Progressive 📺

Are you shocked to hear such nonsense from a progressive wanting a progressive view, or rather interpretation of the Constitution? This is what they do, if they can’t take a match to the Constitution they’ll try to redefine it. The Left has been trying to do this for decades with regards to, and a great example, gun control.

If we listen to the progressive view on the Second Amendment, the Founders meant that the govt should regulate the use of weapons and dictate who can and cannot own one. The govt will establish and oversee a militia it situation warrants it, and bearing arms only meant for use within your home.

Now if we go by an originalist, they will take the words of the Founders that a militia is in fact the People, any able-bodied male or female. And remember teens stood should to shoulder with adults to win our independence and also during the Civil War. A well regulated militia simply meant, well-organized, trained and equipped. Bearing arms meant how they wrote it, to be able to carry a weapon anywhere and everywhere.

Pick any Amendment  the Left will use their definitions of words today (via their pals in academia) to reinterpret the Constitution’s meaning.

Do you see how progressives will pervert the meaning of the Constitution, and why it is so important to have an originalist on the Supreme Court? It’s really the difference of one making a ruling based on existing law as it is written vs one ruling on their opinion based on their feelings and political beliefs.

Progressives should be called Constitutional perverts over how they pervert and twist the meaning of our laws. The Constitution is not a living document, it means what it says, anyone saying otherwise would take a match to it in a second.

Remember, Progressivism is rooted in Communism whether Progs want to admit it or not.