Dem Senator Says Trump Will Be a Monarch If Kavanaugh Confirmed to SCOTUS (Video)


Sen DICK Blumenthal is a disgraceful example of a United States Senator who has never read the Constitution. Nowhere in our founding documents does it say anything about one being a monarch. As a matter of fact DICK, POTUS is limited to four years in office, unlike a monarch who serves for life. Congress went ahead to pass the 22nd Amendment limiting POTUS to 2 terms after FDR’s 4 term reign. So it’s impossible for Trump or anyone else to reign indefinitely like a monarch, not to mention anyone they appoint are subjected to Senate confirmation per Article II Section 2.

Do you not know any of this Senator? How can one rule like a monarch if those they appoint to high office or the courts are subject to Senate confirmation?

Here we have another democrat.. socialist party member suffering from sever case of Trump derangement Syndrome. Oh DICK Blumenthal, like Glenn Beck said you are an insult to George Washington…

If Kavanaugh’s appointment to SCOTUS makes Trump a monarch, then that means obama’s appointment of Sotomayor and Kagan made him a one (at the very least, the guy acted like a dictator), and Bill Clinton most definitely when he appointed Ginsburg!

Presidents CANNOT be indicted for invoking their plenary Constitutional powers. We’re very sorry if Kavanaugh making that clear upsets you. If you don’t like that then change the laws and Constitution but DO NOT lie to the American people this POTUS is acting above the law after that nightmare, who practically took a match to the Constitution, you supported from 2009-2017.

What you have here America is more DECEIT, LIES and FEAR-MONGERING from the unhinged radical Left trying to stop an honorable man from serving his country. Leftists are upset because we will have a justice who will make rulings from the bench based on existing law NOT his feelings and political beliefs.

DOUBLE SHAME ON CT VOTERS for putting this monster Blumenthal in office after how he abused the system as AG, lied about his service and now the daily nonsense he subjects the country to.