Twitter Suspended Black Conservative Using Racist Tweets By NY Reporter Swapping “White” to “Black” (Video)


…GOP Congressman suggests it’s time to regulate social media

Twitter is completely out of control and corrupt when it comes to its treatment towards conservative. As you are aware the NY Times hired an outright bigot and racist, Sarah Jeong, to its editorial board. For YEARS she has been posting some of the most offensive language one could imagine. She claimed it was to mimic the trolling she was receiving, but many of the tweets are stand alone, not a reply or retweet with her counter language.

Conservative Candace Owens, who is Black, to prove what Jeong is saying is racist, copied Jeong’s tweets replacing “white” with “black”…

And like clockwork Twitter locked her account out for 12 hours over reports of Rules Violation!

1-2 “offensive” tweets = 12 hour suspension, where as a litany of offensive tweets resulted in NO punishment. THIS IS what Twitter does to conservatives. What’s really entertaining is that anyone clueless off the street seeing Owens tweets would think, “That’s racist towards Black Americans”. Owens admits in her video the tweets incite hate, but her suspension proves Twitter’s hypocrisy to suspend her but not Jeong!

Twitter and Facebook are both out of control over their outright censorship and treatment towards ANYONE who is not a card carrying liberal progressive. Both are far more influential in American politics and social issues than television and radio ever were, both now under federal regs. They are not only twisting the truth by suppression of conservative Right leaning perspective but literally controlling the flow of information to influence American elections.

This site is pro-small govt. The last thing we need is more Big Brother in our lives, but there are times when you need it to step in. This situation with social media being under the control of hardcore progressives warrants the govt to step in. People rely on these sites for information and news, they are suppressing the counter opinion/ perspective which demands Congressional action.

Rep Issa appeared on Sunday Morning Futures With Maria Bartiromo stating that if this is going to continue these sites that are “politicking” will be regulated under federal election rules…