Dem Senator Dodges Question Whether Dems Have Evidence That Kavanaugh Has Blacked Out


Democrats desperation to stop Judge Kavanaugh’s SCOTUS confirmation has no bounds. They are pushing the angle that the Judge has a drinking problem, so bad that he has blacked out. By making such a charge it opens the door for their manipulation of Christine Ford, that he may have been the one who allegedly assaulted her even though she has no clue what really happened and we learned nothing from her testimony. When Sen Leahy was questioned by Jake Tapper as to whether dems have the evidence Kavanaugh has blacked out, he of course dodged.

Democrats are the party crime. They break laws, and lie incessantly going so far as to suggest people no longer have the presumption of innocence, where ones allegations equal solid evidence of the accused guilt.

Hey America by all means sit home election day and keep people like Leahy, Schumer, Pelosi et al in power and elect more. Apparently you think the Trump is doing so bad he needs to be reigned in by a dem majority House and Senate! Or you can get off your asses get active, get people of like minds registered to vote put more repubs in office delivering an ELECTORAL extermination of the democrat party. Choice is yours.