VP Pence Owns Libs as He Exits US Capitol Following Kavanaugh Vote


It wasn’t just JUSTICE Brett Kavanaugh standing up to the bully libs in the Senate, or the GOP doing their part by confirming him, but also VP Mike Pence showing a bit of defiance by waving to the unhinged rage mob protesting!

Here’s story behind the photo:

“After Kavanaugh vote, Pence walked from the chamber with his detail to the exit which would open the doors up to the Senate steps. They swing the doors open… and all you can see is a throng of protesters across the plaza… and hear are protesters shouting ‘Shame! Shame! Shame!’.

As Pence stands in doorway of Capitol at top of Senate steps, protesters across the plaza spot him and start shouting louder. His motorcade waits at the bottom of the Capitol steps.

Pence stands for a moment in Senate doorway, indecisive, w/protesters hollering. Pence then reverses course to exit Capitol another way. Pence walks a few steps. Pivots & says “let’s do it.” Pence then defiantly walks down the Capitol steps and waves to Kavanaugh protesters” ~ Chad Pergram

Subtle but effective demonstration by Pence to show the democrats and their PAID rage mob we’re not taking your crap anymore. Their days of bullying people with lies, deceit, stupid signs, screaming in your face and acts of intimidation are over!