Dem Rep Speier Says Pres Trump ‘Is Becoming a National Security Threat’


Dem Rep Jackie Speier, a member of the House Intelligence Committee, commented on Pres Trump’s tweet criticizing the intel agencies “passive” position on Iran saying he “is becoming a national security threat”. The admin and the intel community are having a difference of opinion, Trump expressed his opinion but how that becomes a national security threat is unknown. Middle east remains a hotbed but since Trump took office they’re far more tamed or reserved in actions against the US because we no longer have a pacifist in the Oval Office who can be bullied around.


All parties involved will agree ISIS and Iran remain threats to the civilized world. But the caliphate as we knew it has been decimated. Iran is making nukes (thanks to obama), anyone who says otherwise is a fool. What Speier’s is doing is trying to create more problems between the White House and the intel agencies. She’s calling him a liar, spewing toxic information and threat to the nation is typical of the hate left.

If she’s trying to get people to turn on POTUS it will backfire, this will only help grow his support. And let’s be honest Trump has not been treated well by the intel agencies Deep State actors playing a role with the soft coup. He has every reason to question and challenge them. If he’s wrong we’ll all know soon enough and he’ll be held accountable. But if they’re wrong no one will be held accountable and Trump will still be blamed.

Remember Trump is an outsider introducing chaos to the established order. The Deep State hates and wants him out of office so they can go back to doing what they do to enrich and empower themselves.