View Host Admits Facts Don’t Matter So Long as They “Get Trump”


There’s one thing you can always count on, a common trait all liberals all share: they’re so full of themselves, believe what they do is right and just, that they become too comfortable and on occasion tell the truth. The View’s Whoopi Goldberg commented on the knee-jerk reaction to the Covington story and why such grave mistakes are made by the left. Loudmouth Joy Behar without hesitation chimed in that they jump on stories regardless of confirming the validity or the damage done if untrue because “we’re desperate to get Trump out of office.”

This is beyond dangerous and gravely irresponsible. You see it doesn’t matter who the story is about, Trump, his admin, his kids, supporters or some teens minding their own business – the left is on a search and destroy mission. Anyone and everyone tied to Trump is fair game and the left DOES NOT CARE who gets hurt, so long as they win and he is out of office.

The fact these kids and their parents are getting death threats doesn’t phase Behar or anyone on the left. Hell some, like Alyssa Milano, or Rep Ilhan Omar deflected and blamed the Covington boys for being in DC protesting “women’s rights”… ya know the right to kill unborn babies. Rep Omar deleted said tweet after being threatened with a lawsuit!

It’s the boys fault for simply being white, male, wearing MAGA hats and in DC  the Black Hebrew Israelites were harassing them and “native” Americans, who were holding their own protest. And take note, not one media outlet, celebrity, or politician has said one word, let alone condemn, the BHI’s who really started all of this!

These people are dangerous, they have power and influence whether you like it or not. Just listen to any clip from this show, or nighttime talk shows, the audience gives thunderous applause and cheers to some of the worst comments made. And a segment of those people take to the streets in protest ignoring facts, while others push lies online that drive others to the streets. As pointed out here many times this rhetoric is how we got Alexandria, tension is far worse now than it was leading up to that attempted mass assassination. These high profile dems are going to get someone killed with the crap they spew.

You think they’re bad now, think about what they’ll do should Trump get the opportunity to appoint another SCOTUS justice and/ or if he wins in 2020!