Beto Lies in El Paso: ‘Walls Do Not Save Lives. Walls End Lives’


Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke held a sad counter rally to Pres Trump’s in El Paso, TX, and as you would expect the white obama to be was preaching hard to his hundred or so supporters vs the 1000’s attending Trump’s rally. In less than 1 minute the cultural appropriator spewed 4 lies:

Lie #1 “Walls do not save lives. Walls end lives.”
Are we talking the border wall or the Berlin Wall because they’re two totally different walls. One was made of concrete guarded by East Germans and Russians where anyone trying to cross (escape) was gunned down. The border wall, fence really, along the US southern border is a deterrent for illegal aliens, drug and gun running, human sex trafficking and terrorists. If anything it is a deterrent for the lives that end as a result of the criminality just listed. There are no armed guards patrolling it with shoot to kill orders. No instead those who do manage to get over seek out our guards, aka Border Agents, seeking medical help and or claim asylum.

Lie #2 ..”take jobs no one will take.”
This is not true Americans would take those jobs, the problem is illegals are willing to work for far less thus driving the wages down for said jobs making it impossible for Americans to accept. You see illegals live in packs of 8-10+ in a home. DON’T even try to argue this with yours truly, as I once worked in the mortgage industry as a wholesale rep and repeatedly had questionable loan scenarios run by me by loan officers/ brokers. Illegal shack up with a family member who is in the US legally where said individual applied for the loan and the wildest of wild scenarios followed to get to the income they needed. No I’m not going to write a dissertation explaining this, but this is how illegals can afford lower wage jobs as they SHARE living expenses.

Lie #3 “flee brutality and violence”
We have gang violence and all forms of brutality right here in the good ole USA! Anyone take a trip to Chicago, Detroit or Baltimore? They’re killing fields, the very gangs like MS-13 these people are escaping have set up camp in the US. As a matter of fact they prey on latin communities where many of these illegals end up, especially in sanctuary states and cities.
Why don’t they stay and fight for their home countries as early Americans did. Founders fought a corrupt abusive govt, they didn’t pack up and invade… migrate to another country.
Lie #4 walls “push them” on treacherous dangerous journey
No one is pushing anyone to do anything. The border fence is a message to those seeking to enter the US, you are not welcome if you’re choosing to enter illegally. There is NO GUN to anyone’s head to cross a remote area of the US border. They choose to enter and cross at their own peril. We have every right to protect our border and vet who enters. These people bring disease, crime, drain our social welfare system set up for Americans who are down and out and frankly illegals offer nothing to the American people. The best and brightest do not enter illegally, they come through the front door as yours truly’s own family did at the turn of the 20th century, on my mother’s side of the family, and my father who came here in 1960’s – they ALL CAME HERE LEGALLY.

Beta’s little speech only appeals to the open borders advocates.
To him and anyone else who is against a border barrier I ask this:
How many of these “migrants” will YOU be taking into your home where YOU will have to provide food, clothing, medical care, educate, and spending money BEFORE you ask/ expect taxpayers to do so? You want them here, then YOU TAKE CARE OF THEM out of your own pocket.