Delusion Swalwell Pushes Russia Conspiracy Theories Against Trump


Now that the Mueller Report is out, again showing Donald Trump did nothing wrong, radical Leftist Eric Swalwell is not letting go to the Russian conspiracy. Frankly, the man is delusional, refusing to admit he was wrong on every charge he made against Trump. He maintains the fantasy the Russians helped Donald Trump win the election, yet to this day not one piece of evidence has ever been produced of a vote changed from Clinton to Hillary. Not one voter has ever been paraded in front of the American people by the Left stating they changed their vote from Hillary to Trump because of Russian influence. Duke Nuke ‘Em still thinks Trump is a Russian asset “working on Russia’s behalf”.

Swalwell hangs onto the collusion-delusion claim saying there is evidence but not beyond reasonable doubt. In other words he, and his pal Adam Schiff are making the conspiracy up by what they think happened. Swalwell pivots the conspiracy theory that it’s all connected to Trump’s taxes and finances he refuses to produce.

Here’s the thing on that: Donald Trump is one of the biggest names out there prior to running for office. He has had his run-ins with politicians, like Jerry Nadler, in the past. Don’t you think if he had done anything shady over the last 40+ years someone would’ve said something by now? Don’t you think if there was anything out of the norm with his finances/ taxes the IRS, same agency which has sent SWAT teams after people over a few hundred dollars, would’ve kicked his door down seizing all his records followed with a perp walk?

Trump is clean, he’s not corrupt, he’s not a Russian agent. Swalwell and the socialist party are out of their minds, obsessed with getting revenge on him for beating Felonia von Pantsuit.

Eric thinks pushing this conspiracy and vowing to disarm Americans will put him in the White House in 2020. You see how these Leftists are now holding 1/2 of 1/3 of govt power, they simply cannot be allowed to hold super-majority ever again. Sane Americans better get out to vote in 2020 sending these Leftists packing, while driving them insane with a second Trump term. Otherwise this tyrant or another like him will run this country into the ground.