Portland Journalist Attacked By Domestic Terrorist Group Antifa


Portland freelance journalist Andy Ngo has been documenting domestic terrorist group antifa for some time now. He has appeared on several news programs, including Tucker Carlson Tonight and Ingraham Angle, speaking on the ever growing threat by these terrorists not only against their adversaries (Proud Boys), but anyone on the Right as well as civilians and the media.

Ngo was documenting an illegal (no permit) antifa rally (yes, the terrorists are allowed to hold rallies, the mayor has surrendered the city to them) where as you can see he was physically assaulted, as well as sprayed with silly string, pelted with eggs and of course milkshakes.

Ngo was attacked two times before this attack, reported it to police who did nothing. How long until these blood-thirsty monsters kill someone? Look at them not a US Flag among them… no instead they fly their black and red as well as carry banners for their real “leader” satan!!

This could be stopped but Portland’s liberal leaders, as well as other liberal leaders across the US are useless, they’re inaction is giving the green light for violence. When antifa and other radical Leftist groups see this and see nothing happens to the attackers, as well as hear people like Maxine Waters encourage attacks against the Right, it’s like giving a gun to a murderer.

This country is a powder keg building more pressure by the day. Leftists are growing more violent, emboldened by the lack of retaliation or even having charges pressed against; thanks Eric Trump. This site has warned for sometime this country is on a path to civil conflict.. yes, Civil War. The violence is documented throughout this site. IMO when we get to the point of the powder keg going off, the actual wartime shots will be fired in Portland. Stupid people on both sides will do stupid things resulting in shots being fired.

Stay safe, prepare for the worst hope for the best. Buy guns and ammo.