Shameless Schumer Uses Dead Immigrants For Political Gain


Sen Chuck Schumer and the dems love to weaponize images of tragedy for people they couldn’t careless about. The democrats care more for illegal aliens than Americans living on the streets, or those so impoverished they’re on their way to the street.

The US gives these third world shit-holes millions in aid that is supposed to help stimulate their economies to keep an invasion like the one we’re under from happening. Why isn’t Shameless Schumer calling on members of the Senate to stop sending aid if the US is going to have to care for these people anyway?! Why aren’t the democrats upset that US tax dollars are being wasted going to these shitholes?

Why isn’t Chuck and his ilk ever upset over the Americans who are down and out? Why aren’t the dems doing anything to stop the madness on the border (securing it and closing loopholes)?

Before you grandstand and use dead immigrants to push your agenda Senator, have look in the mirror and understand you and your party have blood on your hands. You are the ones who have been making the very rules that is causing all of this to happen.

America you want this to stop? Then you need to vote in 2020 re-electing Pres Trump and sending him the reinforcements he needs in the House and Senate. Democrats have must face an ELECTORAL extermination.