Trump: Giuliani ‘Took Fredo to the Cleaners’


Pres Trump was asked about Rudy Giuliani clashing with Chris Cuomo over Ukraine. There was no crime or wrongdoing on Trump’s part and Giuliani was in fact asked by the State Dept to look into what the Biden’s were up to with the Ukrainians. Giuliani took Cuomo to the cleaners but if you read about the confrontation on RINO friendly sites as well as fake news media they’ll have you believe Cuomo was the victor.

Cuomo, his fictional network and all of the Left continue to carry on the President, and people within his administration, are engaged in corruption and acts of treason. That said the President’s response to how Giuliani dealt with Cuomo was another example of why he is a Super Grand Master at trolling…

Cuomo doesn’t like being called ‘Fredo’, so much so he tried to convince Americans that calling an Italian ‘Fredo’ is like using the N-word towards Black Americans – it’s racist! Trump surely is aware of the tantrum Fredo threw, even threatening to attack someone over being called it, so Trump is doing what Trump does best.

Anyway enjoy the clip, consider it the feel good clip of the day.

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