Pelosi Mumbles Away Trying to Explain Why Bribery Wasn’t in Articles of Impeachment


Nancy Pelosi fielded questions from the media and was incapable of giving a straight answer why bribery was not in the Articles of impeachment the dems filed against Pres Trump. As she mumbles an incoherent response we’ve come to expect, Pelosi claims the Articles they’ve filed against Trump “..are what they are. They’re very powerful, they’re very strong.”

For those who might be in the dark dems filed 2 Articles:
1) Abuse of Power
2) Obstruction of Congress

There are NO LAWS on the books for these alleged heinous offenses Trump allegedly committed. Yours truly has politely requested Pelosi, Nadler and Schiff to provide the federal criminal statutes, but they’ve yet to respond. Also searched Cornell US Law database, nothing there either! In other words the dems made up the crimes because they had NO EVIDENCE to support quid pro quo, which became extortion and then after a focus group bribery. The only one guilty of Abuse of Power is the democrat party.

Trump is guilty of obstructing Congress, yes he’s guilty of not cooperating with the dems attempt to frame him for something they and Hillary actually did! But again there’s no law on the books, there is one however against one incriminating themselves but who cares about that pesky Bill of Rights, right!

Pelosi knows this impeachment is such a farce, especially for dems running for reelection in Trump won districts, she’s not going to whip votes, “..this is a vote that people will have to come to their own conclusion on..”. Don’t worry she and her lackeys are probably threatening the others to vote with them or else, they’re good at that.