Biden in 1996: US Can Take “Any Action Deemed Appropriate” if Iran Attacks


Joe Biden is never going to be able to escape from his past. His gaffes to contradictions to making bold statements justifying the use of military power against our enemies. Here he is in 1996, with fmr Sen Orin Hatch, speaking on This Week with David Brinkley and Sam Donaldson, discussing options should the US get attacked by Iran.

They’re talking about a direct Iranian military strike against the US. Iran has been attacking America through its proxies since 1979. They cannot handle a conventional war with America regardless of the military parades they put on accompanied by empty threats. Their military hasn’t fought a war since August 1988, they wouldn’t stand a chance against American technology and battle tested military.

That said Biden was all in favor of going to war with Iran, but now he sings a different tune. He’s ok with Iran bankrolling and ordering Hamas, Hezbollah and other groups to attack the US, our assets and allies. That apparently is not an act of war in Joe’s playbook. His “logic” is like that of those who try to justify cheating on their partner when it happens in a different zip code or timezone! Iran IS attacking the US, they declared war on us 40 years ago but because they’re militia or terror groups are doing the dirty work Biden, and the dems for that matter, sings obama’s tune of pacifism and appeasement.

Biden doesn’t know if he’s coming or going but one thing is for sure he cannot be trusted when it comes to national security especially against an enemy who has sleeper cells in this country right now waiting to strike 800 targets! (More on that later…)