Pres Trump Takes Shot at ‘I Pray For You’ Pelosi and Romney During Prayer Breakfast Speech


Well you knew it was coming and Pres Trump did his best at the National Prayer Breakfast to be as cordial as he could after the relentless attacks he and his family have been under by evildoers within our govt. As he began his speech with Nancy Pelosi sitting just a few feet away Trump made it clear,

“I don’t like people who use their faith as justification for doing what they know is wrong, nor do I like people who say ‘I pray for you’ when they know that’s not so.”

This comment was clearly directed at Pelosi who has said many times how sad it is to impeach the President, it’s not something she embraces and she “PRAYS” for the President! FYI this is the same woman who embraces abortion but swears to be a staunch Catholic!

Trump also took a shot at Mitt Romney, since he made it clear in his speech before the impeachment vote, and in an interview with Fox News, over how much his faith played a role… “justified” his decision to vote against Pres Trump.

Some may argue this was unnecessary but the President was subtle and direct, and he has every right to punch back at these deceitful people who use their religion as a weapon. He is setting the tone that it is time to start hitting back at these people, make them uncomfortable, shame them at every opportunity while factually calling them out for their treachery.