MSNBC Host Blames Trump for People That Are Sick, Dead and Dying


The week wouldn’t be complete without MSDNC’s Lawrence O’Donnell going on a rant, following the Presidents Oval Office speech, calling Trump incompetent and completely unprepared for the pandemic. According to this liberal hack, because of Trump more people are sick, more people are dead, more people are dying and losing their savings.

FYI 2282 Americans are infected, and 48 WITH PRE-EXISTING HEALTH CONDITIONS have died

🙄Yep it’s all Trump’s fault. He should’ve known China had a major contagion loose in supposedly early November (even though it wasn’t until Dec 30, 2019 the WHO took notice something was wrong in China). Trump should’ve sent CDC experts over regardless of China’s rejection of the US’s offer to help, and the experts could’ve just bullied right into China. Trump should know, with no medical experience, how many ventilators we’ll need. And all the people advising him, yeah they’re all bad too, adding to his incompetence. 🙄

This whining and finger-pointing is beyond ridiculous. No one has a crystal ball to be prepared for this pandemic. One person did, but he didnt do anything to beef up the CDC’s infrastructure for another pandemic hitting the US after already dealing with one (swine flu) and another that truly had the potential to kill without any type of cure (ebola). barack hussein obama didn’t learn anything from those two contagions to say “We’re not ready for a major hit, what can we do now, outside of knowing the bug, to make sure the system can deal with a major outbreak?”. He could’ve ordered more medical equipment and supplies to be stockpiled. Have the CDC revamp their process for testing on wide scale etc. obama did NOTHING. And understand this, this mess Trump is dealing with could have easily been on Hillary’s back to deal with and then what would the Left be saying!?

O’Donnell is no journalist, he is a propaganda tool for the democrat party trashing the President, who has done everything he can without a manual – because there is NO MANUAL on how to deal with this bug.

No matter what happens I’m voting for Trump because God help us if these unhinged violent Leftists get power, this whole country will go right down the toilet.