MSNBC’s Williams & NYT Guest Have Epic Fail in Basic Math


The Left is so obsessed with trashing the rich, wanting to take their wealth and redistribute it to the do-nothings/ gimme gimme crowd they lost all common sense and reason. The stupidity from these people has no bounds, they’re so vicious they jump at any opportunity to support their crazy ideas without doing due diligence, in this case basic math!

“Journalist” Mekita Ray sent out the following tweet (her account is of course locked now) taking a shot at Mike Bloomberg over the $500M he spent in ads in his failed presidential bid suggesting he could’ve given every American $1M…

After being called out on her bad math skills, Rivas doubled down on it!

???? Looking at that, without even breaking out the calculator YOU KNOW it’s wrong. But does that stop MSNBC’s Brian Williams and NYT Editorial Board member Mara Gay from doubling down? NO, they agree with the bad math! And it’s worse than that when you think about it, because Williams has producers and researchers who didn’t pick up on it. Willing to bet Mara had to get the okay from someone ay the NYT to go on tv and talk about it – they didn’t stop her either.


The number of people involved in this is terrifying! These are the people who are entrusted to tell the people what’s up in America, and the world, who didn’t do simple check of someones work! This is why they’re called fake news.

It also shows how desperate and vicious the Left has become to attack billionaires to support their insane theory that socialism is the answer for everyones woes..”Well if we just tax all the rich at 70-97.5% there will be plenty of money for everyone!”

No, no there won’t be enough money for everyone, and you will also devalue the dollar in the process. To give every single American $1M, you would need $330,000,000,000,000+ /$330+ TRILLION dollars! If you add up all the wealth held by the evil 1% worldwide you’re not even close to that, just to give the money to Americans. We haven’t even talked about everyone else who would come into the US under the Left’s socialism plan that would also involve an open border! The US’s population would probably double if these maniacs ever got power.

For their performance Williams and Gay should get the award for The Galactically Stupid, as should Rivas for her “work”, but in all honesty the number of people who should be awarded on just this issue is probably couple dozen!

If there was ever a time that this video from Billy Madison was relevant in the real world it’s with this nuttery from these unhinged Leftists…

What these people did is shameful, and demonstrates why the Left’s dream of socialism is nothing but a dream. It won’t work in reality because there isn’t enough money in the world to make it happen. They could print the money, but again you’re devaluing it to the point it becomes toilet paper (ever hear of Weimar Republic or Venezuela?). If you like this kind of “math” go ahead vote for Bernie or Biden, if not vote Trump!