Richard Burr Was In On It

One of todays top headlines is about GOP Sen Richard Burr who has stepped down as Chair of the Senate Intel Cmte following FBI investigation into his selling of stocks before the market tanked due to the pandemic.

Many conservatives are not batting an eye because Burr is Romney-lite, as he attempted to subpoena Don Trump Jr to testify after the hoax was deemed a closed issue, failed to hold a hearing over the “whistleblower” complaints, a believer of “collusion” delusion, a clear ally to the worst FBI Director is US history, and did his part in the attempt to take down Gen Flynn by denying his immunity request.


There are a lot of swamp monster RINO’s in the House and Senate, Burr is one of them. If Mr Wink at Comey’s Senate seat comes up for grabs so be it, we need more conservatives in Congress than a guy like Burr who is Sen Mark Warners puppet!