Here’s the Loudmouth Leftist Who Made It Racist to Clean Up Graffiti


These three young women took it upon their selves to clean a govt building that had graffiti “BLM” spray painted on it. No one told them to do it, they were simply compelled by their good nature to clean it up (and probably quite upset over the “protests” PLANNED RIOTS taking place around the country). And then what do we have? A virtue signaling, “Karen” shows up to ask them why they’re doing it who then scolds them over their white privilege,“Not a great way to use your white privilege, ladies!“!

First of all this “white privilege” thing is just another manufactured label out of some nasty, vile liberal indoctrination camp (aka college or university) to attack white people. Frankly it’s racist AND it has no more value than the other fake labels with lots of hate and snowflakery behind it unhinged violent Leftists have concocted: “assault weapon,” “high capacity magazine,” “climate change” you get the idea. It’s a word designed to command compliance and shame by people who want to control every aspect of our lives.

If these last 3mos haven’t been a lesson in the hell our lives will be like under democrat control I dunno what is, and anyone who allows dems to do this YOU GET WHAT YOU DESERVE. Some of you must really like the lockdown and riots.

I don’t know who these three good-hearted young women are, but we know who “Karen” is! This is the Facebook post the video came from, that of course is gone.

This loudmouth, Faith Alice Sleeper, took the FB account down but someone was able to get screenshot of a post with photo of her. She used to work as a bartender at The Passenger in DC, has a side business called Crunkcakes (liquor filled cupcakes, other image is from a story about the business) and according to LinkedIn she’s currently the GM for the Left Door, a bar in DC. Her name is kind of unique, so it’s safe to say this is her and that hate-Trump shirt she’s wearing in the bartending pic should make it a lock.

Maybe this Leftist radical who clearly hates conservatives, Pres Trump and White people should lose her job and business!? I mean that IS what Leftists do to people on the Right who upset them, so why not return the favor?!