Democrat Party Voters Blocking Road Pull Man Out of Truck and Brutally Beat Him Unconscious (Full Vid)


Antifa, blm, black bloc, unhinged violent Leftists or how about we just call them democrat party voters (or even better Biden (Sanders)) block traffic, harass and threaten drivers in their cars who end up panicking trying to escape through the mob because they don’t want to be the next Reginald Denny. The mob creates the environment to then justify pulling a driver out of their vehicle proceeding to beat the living hell out of them. If the opportunity presents itself any one of these democrat voters will attempt to punt the head of a driver from their neck as we see in this video.

UPDATE The story as of now leading up to this attempted murder is the victim now now ID’s as Adam Haner and the woman in blue, his girlfriend, was apparently being robbed. were involved in an earlier scuffle as these DEMOCRAT PARTY VOTERS were harassing and assaulting a transwoman!  The guy in the truck attempted to stop it. As you can see in this video Haner was again trying to be civil and help only to be attacked in the video of the assault where it picks up with him in his truck trying to leave.

The unhinged violent Biden (Sanders) voters didn’t like that and begun attacking him. Watch the vid you can see he’s trying to get away because surely he doesn’t want to be another Reginald Denny.

Very important to make note of is this encounter between a terrorist and the woman in where he tells her the guy in the truck ‘got beat up because he tried to run people over when he was saving you, okay.’

Watch the video again the guy didn’t try to run anyone over. This terrorist is saying this because he knows he and the others are on camera and is trying to establish an excuse of “self-defense” to justify the attempted murder you just witnessed! As a matter of fact he tells the terrorists he wasn’t trying to hurt anyone!

When I see these videos of militant violent DEMOCRAT VOTERS attacking people I feel the same way about them as I do for ISIS, al-Qaida and other jihadists – I HATE THEM! What’s the difference between antifa, blm vs ISIS or AQ? They demand command 100% compliance, obedience and allegiance otherwise they’ll beat, enslave or kill you. Both groups also want total world domination and enjoy destroying statues and monuments, so what’s the difference?

Enough with that…

When two people are in a fight and one gets knocked out IT’S OVER. The moment one CHOOSES of their own free will to kick their opponent in the head, to punt their head, they surrender their freedom, especially if it’s all caught on video! This is attempted murder period, but the laws currently SUCK, where bastards like this Marquise “Keese” Love (monster in the security vest), the SOB who brutally kicked the guy in the head, will plea down to a lower sentence. The law(s) need to be rewritten where if someone is knocked out like in this video and one proceeds to punt their head the perp AUTOMATICALLY goes to jail for 10yrs, NO APPEALS, if the victim lives. If the perp kills the person that was out cold, then perp gets the death penalty NO APPEALS, no sad poor me stories, NO KIM KARDASHIAN coming to their aid that “they’re being unfairly treated”!

This has to stop NOW, because soon there are going to be more self-defense shootings than the few we’ve already seen when these VIOLENT DEMOCRAT VOTERS block roads, threaten and assault people.

We don’t know this guys name but he is another Reginald Denny!

Congrats Leftists you’ve moved the clock forward again – it’s now 12am Dec 31, 1860, where it’s clear you fools are not going to take your foot off the gas pedal to get us to April 12, 1961

STOP it’s not going to go the way you think it will.