AOC: We’ll Be Able to Push Biden In a More Progressive Direction If He’s Elected


The extreme radicals who now control the democrat party are no longer hiding their intentions for this country and how they will control Joe Biden if he’s elected. AOC thinks they ‘can likely push Vice President Biden in a more progressive direction across policy issues.’

Biden is feeble and weak, he will be nothing but a puppet for AOC, the DNC, China and America’s enemies. They will make him do whatever they want, and he will gladly do it until he can’t. When that day comes if he doesn’t resign for being completely mentally incompetent KAMMY will invoke the 25th Amendment to remove him from power!

No matter what ANYONE says “Progressive” is PC talk for socialism/marxism/communism. The democrats are masters of language and always reinventing themselves.. if you recall they used to push hard that they were liberal where only a few ID’d as progressive, now they’re all progressives with a few like AOC and Sanders boldly praising socialism. Regardless what they call themselves they want to control every aspect of American’s lives – what we say, ability to protect ourselves (obliterate Second Amendment) property rights, how much money we can make and keep, what we eat and drink, content on tv and in movies, how much energy we can use, control our borders (not really have borders if dems are in control) you get the hint. All of this and much more control over our lives is what you find under socialism until that “fails” and then inevitably communism.

AOC and her ilk whether you like or believe it or not are running the DNC. Why do you think Pelosi and co pushed impeachment even though it was bound to fail? Because AOC and co threatened them with primary challenges if they didn’t! This monster and the rest cannot be allowed to run Congress, they must be POLITICALLY exterminated. The GOP and Trump/Pence MUST win in Nov or this country is over as we know it. The dems will turn the USA into California (as this site has been warning for years) so fast it will leave your head spinning.