Biden Got 10 Million Fraudulent Votes, Millions of Dead Voted – 7 Million Votes Stolen From Trump!


Howie Carr asked some pretty straight forward questions to his call-in guest, Sidney Powell, today where she estimated 7 million votes were taken from Pres Trump, millions, not thousands, of dead voted (each act in itself is a federal crime) and biden got 10 million fraudulent voters for starters! Carr also put her on the spot whether or not she is going to be able to prove all of this, where she answered ‘we’ve got a number of smoking guns, and we may have to get witness protection for them’!

Media whines for evidence Powell says she has it, from ballots perfectly marked only for biden, checks stubs from people taking payments for ballot harvesting and fraudulently voting, technical statistical analysis showing mathematical impossibilities etc. She also confirms rumor that Dominion Exec Eric Coomer (who has disappeared) did in fact promise antifa Trump would lose that he had fixed the election in a video conference call that she says she has a copy of!

If the corruption Powell vows to reveal is true, it is going to rock this country. There are so many people involved, high up in govt that IMO she is going to need 24/7 protection.

Hang tight we have to let her and the other attorneys do their job. Remember they’re fighting against a MASSIVE machine everyone is out to get them.

Stand fast, hold the line.