Dem Congressman is a Chinese Asset


Eric Swalwell is everything with Communist China 🇨🇳 he accused Pres Trump of being with Russia! This Chinese asset is of course refusing to speak on the issue, and his affair with “Fang Fang,” after the story broke on Axios and people have been digging away on since. Furthermore this national security risk had the audacity to say Trump is behind it!

[Yes, Fox is a bunch of backstabbers but they’re covering this POS]

This hypocritical, LYING monster should be removed from House Intel Cmte immediately and be under federal criminal investigation at the very least. Everything he says in the segment with fellow traitor James Comey is exactly what he has been doing! And Swalwell isn’t the only one as Carlson points out, Sen Diane Feinstein is in deep with China and in the Hunter Biden videos that were released those behind it made it clear the Communist Chinese Party OWNS U.S. politicians, celebs etc who have sold America out!

[This is what accompanied all the x-rated videos that were released of Hunter Biden]