Liz Cheney: Trump Should Not Play a Role in the Future of the Party

Thanks to 145 WEAKLINGS in the House GOP Liz Cheney kept her leadership role as Conference Chair after attacking Pres Trump and supporting the democrats second attempt to impeach him. The emboldened DC elitist was asked at a presser whether Trump should be speaking at CPAC where she stated, in contradiction to GOP ldr McCarthy, it was up to CPAC whether or not Trump should be there and added “I don’t believe he should be playing a role in the future of the party”.

Newsflash for Cheney and all the other RINO’s and Never Trump degenerates out there:

Donald Trump IS THE PARTY

He did what no one else had the balls to do. He put the American people and USA first, over special interests to our allies. He is the reason many of those SOB’s attacking him now got elected. The elitists like Cheney don’t seem to understand they didn’t get elected/ re-elected because of what they do and say – they got elected because Americans wanted the GOP to hold majority to push Trump’s policies, which are really our policies, forward.

Liz and her ilk are incredibly arrogant if they think they’re going to keep Trump, or anyone he backs, away. Best advice for her Romney, Collins, Kinzinger et al – Get the Hell out of our way or get bulldozed over.