5 Yrs Out Of Office Obama is Still Pulling the Race Card in Support of Reparations

obama said reparations are justified and blames the ‘white resistance and resentment’ in Congress when he was in power as a non-starter and counter productive for any reparations program.

This monster looks for any and every opportunity to attack white people. Can someone remind this RACIST SOB that he is HALF WHITE! It would be interesting to learn his family history on his mother’s side, how long have they been Americans and whether or not they were slave owners!?

It’s not white resistance to object to reparations. The “resistance” is over the absurdity and really logistics behind it, that we KNOW the socialist party will pervert because they wont be able to ID actual descendants of slaves. Furthermore, how will the socialists figure out WHO is going to foot the bill? Tax payers should not be expected to pay one penny because many do not have families that date back to America being colonized/ or are descendants of slave owners. How would one prove someone’s ancestors owned slaves? Let’s also not forget many American families came to the US AFTER the slaves were freed, because of the Industrial Revolution*.

barry 0 doesn’t care about facts he’s just looking for ways to stir the pot and cause more trouble while his DRONE sits in the Oval Office pushing 0’s agenda through, and make no mistake reparations is part of that! It’s so obvious 6 weeks into this illegitimate regime that Xiden is taking orders from someone…. who could that be!?

*Case in point: Yours truly’s family on mother’s side LEGALLY immigrated from Italy to the US at the turn of the 20th c., my father LEGALLY immigrated here from Italy in 1965! So NO ONE I’m related to is responsible for slavery and there’s no way in hell any of us should see our taxes go up to cover the costs, “pay our fair share”, of the reparations. How many others out there have a similar story about their family LEGALLY immigrating to the US AFTER slavery was abolished, yet socialists think we’ll be okay with their push for this nonsense!? NOPE not gonna happen.