Deputy DHS Sec Nominee Refuses to Say Crossing the Border Illegally Should Remain a Crime

The illegitimate regime’s nominee for Deputy DHS Sec, John Tien, was asked a direct question whether crossing the border illegally should be a crime. Tien responded about protecting the homeland but when it comes to stopping illegals, enforcing existing law more specifically 8 US Code § 1325 – Improper entry by alien he refused a simple yes or no question, instead choosing textbook answer I will enforce our laws!


Tien will do what he is told by his handlers. Sounds nice that he will enforce the laws but will he!? Of course not otherwise he would’ve given Hawley a straight answer.

This regime is putting in/nominating radicals into very important positions, who at this point are making it clear they have zero intentions of protecting Americans and this Republic. It’s abundantly clear they’re going to do everything in their power to ensure millions of illegals get into and stay in the US – to in fact change demographics resulting in permanent one party rule, as they did in California.