0bama Wants Congress to Ram Through For the People Act

The illegitimate individual occupying the White House isn’t working hard enough because his MASTER, 0bama, is now getting more involved (than he already is) stressing to lawmakers to ram through the “For the People..DEMOCRATS Act,” during this virtual fundraiser for the National Democratic Redistricting Committee with Pelosi and his fmr AG/ henchman Eric Holder.


Are things finally becoming clear to people what is going on? Are people understanding why Trump fought so hard, and people are still fighting to get the truth out about the election that was CLEARLY stolen from Trump but really YOU!?

This POS since Jan 18th 2017 has been running an operation to undermine the Trump admin and now is running the Xiden regime to fulfill his dream of fundamental transformation. These M’rF’rs are doing everything in their power to destroy the US as you know it. Listen to the POS, he calls America a democracy repeatedly; it’s NOT, the USA is a REPUBLIC. Democracies are PC way of saying mob rule. They need to ram through HR1/SR1 to make everything they did in 2020 the law of the land. The goal is to do to the USA what these bastards did to CA, where Republicans/conservatives will never be able to hold office again. One of the first goals one they get this revamping of our election system and govt is to push gun control through, per Pelosi, because they cannot pull the switch on the machine their building so long as the People are well armed.

Don’t know how but someone better light a fire under the GOP and conservs ass to stop any future attempt to get this crap law passed. AND they better find ways to change how the elections are run. Until progressives are removed from running the election system and counting ballots Trump, DeSantis, whomever it is you like in office or planning doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in 2022 and 2024.

The monsters KNOW where all the mistakes were made in 2016. They corrected them in 2020, with a few bugs still popping up. You can best the last $1 in your pocket the next election will look like a close race. When the monsters get the power in DC they will change America, like this asshole has been working on since 2008.