Biden: Harris Has ‘Done A Great Job So Far’ On The Border Crisis

During another bizarre press conference where his cognitive decline is on full display the senile illegitimate individuals fielded a question about the border crisis boldly stating the harlot has ‘done a great job so far’!

She’s done  N O T H I N G.

However, from the Left’s perspective her lack of action is exactly what they want. Stall, drag things out, dismiss what’s going on leaving the door open for, what is it now, 180K a month to enter the US! This is how you fulfill fundamental transformation as the old guy and the harlots REAL BOSS, obama, wants! I’ve said it repeatedly and I’ll say it again:

The democrats are doing to the entire country what they SUCCESSFULLY did to California, producing a permanent one party ruled state. Dems got into power slowly changing state laws and policies especially when it came to immigration after the 1986 amnesty Reagan got suckered into. They made it easy for illegals to get into the state, and offered them social and economic entitlements that were supposed to be reserved for US Citizens. Through illegals very presence they have changed the states demographics as well as voting districts that conveniently lean democrat producing the nightmare we have today where illegals ARE first class citizens, dems second class and everyone else steerage! I know, I lived there for 20 years.

And now that same rush into CA is happening EVERYWHERE in the US with a border wide open. Keep in mind for every 1-2 captured at the border 3-4 get through. Coyotes will literally sacrifice a load to tie up border agents while much larger loads of illegals get across.

Harris is making sure that all happens, so yet she is doing a great job so far.

Folks better find ways around the laws and any restrictions to secure the border on their own, and someone has got to start charging govt officials for violating immigration laws, including the old kook and harlot. Right off the bat they, as well as members of Congress and state officials, ARE violating these two laws

Until these people are under indictment this lawlessness will continue, and this country will fall to the communists.