National Black Power Rally Speaker: Kill Everything White in Sight

The senile individual occupying the White House says the “biggest risk” to America is white supremacists.

Those living in reality don’t see it that way when there’s one video after another of a handful of racist blacks attacking asians, and sorry to say the majority of riots over the last year involved angry militant, indoctrinated blacks. The white’s who joined in on the riots and mayhem are PRIVILEGED WHITE LIBERALS, but you never hear a card carrying NRA member or Trump supporter (you know the white supremacists) speaking at rallies like this speaker at the National Black Power Rally telling attendees to “kill everything white in sight”..

“When that times coming to rat-a-tat-tat, black people will kill everything white in sight [unintelligible] because of all what you’ve done to us, all of what you’ve done in the 6,000-year span of killing 600 million of us and 408 years in particular, and a 150 million in the past…”

Leftists, PLEASE prove me wrong and produce the video of Trump supporters, conservatives etc saying the what this man is saying but about taking out minorities, we’ll wait…..

The biggest risk to America is the Left, who are actively trying to start a race war in this country, and if you’re white you have a bullseye on head. Watch your backs.