Biden Attempted to Take Credit For Bin Laden Raid

Fielding questions on pulling US troops out of Afghanistan, the old guy cited two reasons why “we” went into Afghanistan and that it’s time to leave: the first taking out bin Laden, second destroying al Qaida.

For the record the obama regime waited about a year to take action once they had the intel pointing to the OBL being at the Abbottabad. Second, when the marxist was asking his advisors their opinion whether to launch the assault or not where the old guy BALKED. He told the marxist they should do another drone surveillance fly-by.


The old guy was concerned about the marxist’s political career, knowing if the raid went bad he was done. The old guy was more concerned about the political side than getting the mastermind responsible for the deaths of 3000 Americans on 9/11 and countless more prior to and after!

These monsters care more about optics than doing what needs to be done, and now here he is all proud they got OBL. For the record “We”/the obama regime DID NOT get OBL, it was the result of the Bush admin (this site is no fan of), a relentless young female CIA analyst and others within the agency, and the BEST Special Operators in the world, US Navy SEALs DEVGRU, aka SEAL Team 6.

You didn’t do shit, Joe. You sat there and gave the marxist an out without actually saying ‘don’t go’.