Facebook Oversight Board Member: Free Speech Is Not an Absolute Right

If it isn’t abundantly clear yet, then this clip of Facebook Oversight board member, and Fmr Danish PM, Helle Thorning-Schmidt, should do the job.


Got it? She and the entire Left doesn’t think anyone has the right to say anything, that freedom of speech is not absolute! It’s no wonder countless people, like yours truly, have been silenced on Facebook and social media.

Thorning-Schmidt, like all Leftists despises people truly expressing themselves when it goes against the hive mind. They also completely and totally HATE the US Constitution, because they know it’s a charter of NEGATIVE liberties (like obama said) restricting govt and those in power, like Big Tech, from doing what they’d really like to do to ALL OF US!

Look at how the Left is treating Americans right now when we have the right to keep and bare arms… imagine what they would be doing to us if we didn’t have that right!!