Biden Walks Away When Asked to Guarantee Every American Would Be Out of Afghanistan

After being over 5 hours late, the illegitimate individual occupying the White House gave a brief 12min speech touching on his build back better nonsense and “infrastructure” bill which is really a democrat wish list spending bill we can’t afford.

The puppet doubled down on sticking to the Aug 31 withdrawal when he finally addressed the catastrophe HE and his puppet masters created in Afghanistan. The fool said 70,700 people have been evacuated, but for the record approx only 4400 of them are Americans! It’s been estimated that there are 15,000 American citizens in country so this fool is leaving 10,600 to be held hostage and used as pawns while enslaved by a death cult. How many will be executed Sept 1?

As the fool ended his speech he walked away… TURNED HIS BACK on America without taking any questions from the press and ignoring a question from Fox’s Peter Doocy as to whether he could guarantee all the Americans would be evacuated before the troops are pulled out! A real President would’ve stopped in his tracks and said YES but this guy is taking orders from taliban who are in bed with the Chinese. So there you go America, not only is this country no longer upholding a 30+ yr policy to not negotiate with terrorists but this guy is now taking orders from them!!!

Well at least there’s no more mean tweets, right democrat and NeverTrump traitors!?

WHEN the videos of Americans being executed, in all the creative ways the jihadist monsters have perfected over the years, every single drop of blood in on this old fool, the vp whose, woke assholes in DOD and State Dept, and everyone else who played ANY role in STEALING the presidency from Donald Trump. That means you dem voters too! You people are gonna regret what you did in 2020.