12,000+ Illegal Haitians Released Into US, Another 15,000+ On Their Way

DHS Sec Mayorkas said the illegitimate regime released the 12,000+ illegal Haitians who crossed over into Del Rio, TX.

Keep in mind there was ZERO vetting of their criminal background, and who they really are, let alone testing to see if they’re carrying the bug. Because of the open border policy by this corrupt admin Fox reported another 15,000 (at a minimum) are on their way from South America.

This is an INVASION, where are our elected officials who swore an oath to protect this nation?

I DO NOT CARE if these people want to come here for a better life. My family like the majority of Americans LEGALLY immigrated here at the turn of the early 20th c. They like MILLIONS came here by the book and EARNED their citizenship. These disrespectful selfish people need to be sent back to wherever they came from.

Second, WHEN are we going to have the conversation that Mexico is in fact America’s ENEMY not an ally!?
They have more stringent immigration laws yet allow 1000’s to enter their country so long as they’re just passing thru headed to America. The Mexican govt has no problem with allowing illegals into their country to VIOLATE the USA’s sovereignty!

Somebody better do something quick. Does anyone really believe all the illegal crossing through are just looking for a better life? NO. Criminals, sexual predators, terrorists are crossing too. WHEN this country gets attacked every single democrat, NeverTrump, and Leftist is going to be held responsible.