Biden Goes Full Authoritarian With Vaccination “Requirement”, Declaring War on Unvaccinated

In a piss poor attempt to divert attention away from the disaster in Afghanistan the illegitimate individual occupying the presidency put his true authoritarian side on full display mandating requiring Americans get an UNTESTED EXPERIMENTAL vaccine or they’ll be terminated from their jobs via OSHA.

Take note not one word is ever said about the infected coming across the border, and now being flown in from the middle east!!

Those of us who have already been sick have natural immunity which is superior to a shot! Forcing them to get the shot so as to be fired from their jobs may actually compromise their health. WHO will take responsibility for people getting the shot that still get sick?

The old fool is threatening to use power against governors not following his lead too!

He is declaring war on Americans whether you want to admit it or not, ‘our patience is running thin’ with the unvaxxed…

“Vaccine” is a flushot, it clearly doesn’t work otherwise those vaccinated wouldn’t care about being around those who are not and have natural immunity. This monster saying he’s taking action to protect the vaccinated from the unvaccinated is incredibly divisive. He is driving this country into actual physical, even armed, conflict at this point.

The destruction of personal rights and freedoms taking place in Australia is taking root in America over a bug with a 99.96% survival rate for relatively healthy people of all ages. Where are all the alleged Patriots swearing they won’t let this country fall to tyrants? It’s happening and they’re silent along with elected officials failing to uphold their oath.

WHAT is in the shot that progressives are so adamant everyone get it regardless of the HIGH survival rate? Ever see the movie Contagion(2011)? Go watch it, it should look very familiar as progressives are following the script to a “T” the only problem is this virus is not the lethal killer like that in the movie. And there’s no high bodycount resulting in mass graves and burnings to justify this incredible power grab.

This monster is the dictator the Left accused Trump of being who is putting the country in grave danger.
Now is the time to stand up, say “NO” and not comply….