Biden: No Federal Solution to Vỉrủs


When dementiajoe was running against Pres Trump in 2020 he, legacy media and Leftists bent over backwards to convince uninformed uneducated voters Trump had no plan to battle the vỉrủs. The old guy was so ballsy he/his handlers posted on twitter that dementiajoe had a plan.

During a video conference today with state governors, at the fake oval office studio, the old guy said ‘Look, there is no federal solution, this [pandemic] gets solved at a state level.’

In other words, the old kook and his ilk DON’T HAVE A PLAN EITHER! How could they, or Trump for that matter, for a highly contagious flủ!!? “We” still don’t have a cure for the seasonal flủ, let alone the 1918 Spanish Flủ that is STILL floating around to this day!! But the Left made the country think Trump was doing something wrong or not enough, and now this old kook is admitting “we got nothing after we LIED to all of you”.

You beat this thing by getting it and surviving like we, mankind, have been doing for at least 200K years!

Once upon a time the cold vỉrủs used to kill us. Our bodies developed antỉbodỉes and NATURAL ỉmmủnỉty to it, to the point we have HERD ỉmmủnỉty! The same thing will happen with this bug if the aholes will stop denying science, and ordering people to be isolated which in reality WEAKENS the ỉmmủnẹ system. That fact alone boys and girls is why this thing is still going on, people’s ỉmmủnẹ systems have been compromised because of the isolation which includes being required to wear FACE PANTIES! The old guy, Dr MengeleFauci and his ilk are doing everything in their power to keep this thing going longer than it should!

This all ends the day the People take the useless mẚsks off and stop complying. Until that happens this bs will continue… right into the 2022 midterm and 2024 presidential election and all the nonsense we saw in 2020!