Biden Continues to Fearmonger and Demonize the Unvạccỉnạtẹd

The illegitimate individual occupying the most powerful office in the world is at again spreading misinformation and fear mongering from a tv studio(WTH is that all about?).

The old fool continues to claim we’re in a ‘pandemic of the unvaccinated,’ where those who are unvaccinated will ‘needlessly die’. In reality the people getting sick are those with pre-existing health conditions and are already vaccinated!

Dementiajackass also warned parents to keep their kids away from the unvaccinated.

Children are not and have not been at risk per the CDC!

“Children are less likely to develop severe illness or die from C0VID-19. Nonetheless, 271 C0VID-19 deaths among persons ages 5-17 years and 120 deaths among those 0-4 years have been reported to the National Center for Health Statistics through July 7, 2021.”

391 children out of approx 74,000,000.

What dementiajoe is doing is creating panic and a greater divide between Americans, which goes right in line with Dr Malone’s warning of Mass Formation Psychosis.

This is not going to end well, people are at each others throats as it is. Instead of calming things down, this asshole… really his handlers, continues to throw gasoline on the fire. WHEN someone lashes out violently you can blame the old kook, his puppet masters, the media and all the Leftists who are pushing this nonsense.

That said, the question will be asked again:


It clearly does not work, so what’s in it that progressives are hell-bent all Americans get this junk pumped in their bodies? And, why are certain few (ie Congress) exempt!?