Newly Discovered Military Docs Should Be the End of Fạủcỉ

Going to keep things brief because Big Tech’s algorithms scrub sites looking for content to censor on their platforms. If you’re wondering why you haven’t heard much from Fạủcỉ it may have something to do with the news that got released tonight. PV has obtained military documents revealing DrMengeleFạủcỉ has in fact lied to the Senate about his involvement with Gạỉn of Fủnctỉọn Rẹsẹạrch resulting in the mess we’re all dealing with now as a result of progressives weaponizing the bug for power and control.

From the video:

The damage that little bastard and his ilk have done not only to America but the world should be grounds for treason. Think about it, everything from education, the economy, our borders, the military etc have been negatively effected because of his science experiment. The same science experiment he denied any involvement under oath before the US Senate.

This little bastard and everyone connected with this needs to go jail…. or worse!