CNN Claims It’s ‘Misinformation’ That Biden is to Blame For High Gas Prices

CNN continues its role as defender and mouthpiece for the illegitimate admin. As oil prices continue to rise the regime claims it’s all because of Russia, and anyone blaming obama’s puppet for surging gas prices that is hurting Americans is spreading ‘misinformation’

The price of gas has risen an avg of $17.10/tank. NO ONE buys A gallon of gas, most buy at least 10 gallons, so do the math! Per the U.S. Energy Information Administration the avg price for gas at the end of Jan 2021 was $2.392 and as of Mar 7 they have it at $4.102 (vid reports current avg is $4.25!) the diff is $1.71 x 10 gallons = $17.10 you’re paying EXTRA, at the least, per tank! You can do the math from there but it is ALL the result of the regimes anti-oil/ fossil fuel policies.

It’s not misinformation, on day one of his reign of terror the old guy initiated a record number of Executive Orders like these two, in the name of the climate change DEATH CULT, that directly impacted US energy production:

Executive Order on Protecting Public Health and the Environment and Restoring Science to Tackle the Climate Crisis

Executive Order on Tackling the Climate Crisis at Home and Abroad

His policies then to this day are meant to destroy our ability to make energy and there is NOTHING being produced in its place! CNN doesn’t seem to understand as they defend the old kook they’re a party to America’s demise!

These people are evil, they prove they’re whores who will say anything while selling out their own country in the name of junk science regardless of the carnage and deaths that result from it.