Newt Gingrich Schools CBS National Journal Moderator On Rules Of War Nullifying Ron Pauls Position On Assassination List

Newt Gingrichs explanation here….

Gingrich Lectures combative debate moderator on rules of war

… nullifies Ron Pauls position on assassination; re Al Awlaki.
Begin watching at 3:00

If you are engaged in acts of war against the US its not a criminal law matter. Paul in a nutshell wants individuals who are engaged in acts of war handled in criminal court ignoring facts that guys like Al Awlaki were hell bent on destroying the US. This “cherry picking” position of Ron Paul’s is why many will not support him along with his constant invocation of the Constitution on matters that do not apply. Again Newt spells it out they aren’t entitled yet Paul thinks they are! Even Bachmann took shots at Paul on this.

Bachmann: Ron Paul Didn’t Support Order To Kill Bin Laden