College Students View of American Dream, Government Give Me Everything

They are the students who grew up under a full blown entitlement upbringing. Some of their parents are the children of 60’s hippies who laid the groundwork for this nightmare today. What do you expect from those who are told “you are great, you are the best at whatever you do, heres a trophy for just showing up” generation?! If they suck at a sport, playing an instrument, singing, whatever tell them it’s you job as their parent to be honest and truthful BUT ENCOURAGE them to TRY SOMETHING ELSE that they could/will be good at!

This nation needs huge dose of Simon Cowell honesty to counteract the ‘Oprahnization’ of “you are the best” (even though you really suck) damage that has been done!! Folks take a page from Glenn Becks show grab their ribbons, certificates, plaques and trophies for participating and destroy them! You will be doing them a favor in the long-run, since when did we become people who are okay with mediocracy?