Soldier “Censored” During CNN Interview Went on to Speak “Officially” for Ron Paul Now Facing Disciplinary Action

Did you see this?

Ron Paul wasted no time and quickly got Cpl. Thorsen up on stage to speak his mind following the alleged “censoring” by CNN. Paul has boasted throughout his campaign of the support he gets from the military so this was his big chance to capitalize off of the “censoring” by CNN.

Uh huh… now Cpl. Thorsen is facing disciplinary action because of his speaking on behalf of Paul in uniform.

Turns out per DOD rules looks like CNN was doing the Cpl. a favor. Someone there more than likely realized they were indirectly getting Cpl. Jesse Thorsen in trouble and is probably why they yanked the segment.

Fox News picked up the story and cites the directive “on political activities by military members, active duty forces are encouraged to vote and can sign petitions, serve as polling volunteers, contribute to campaigns and display political bumper stickers on their private vehicles.

However, they may not “participate in partisan political fundraising activities … rallies, conventions (including making speeches in the course thereof), management of campaigns, or debates, either on one’s own behalf or on that of another, without respect to uniform or inference or appearance of official sponsorship, approval, or endorsement.”

Whether Thorsen, who reportedly has not been on active duty since October, will face disciplinary action remains to be seen. A Reserve spokeswoman was not immediately available to discuss his case.”

Now in contrast to this a serviceman was interviewed ((@1:36) by Bill O’Reilly’s Factor producer Jesse Waters) who, although not in uniform, was smart to keep his political opinions neutral…

“whoever it is I’ll support him a 100%… we’re both in the military that’s our job”
He knew and Thorsen didn’t?

As of now Paul has remained silent on all of this… Many of his followers are calling foul on CNN, unaware of the rules for servicemen or are saying to let it go because it is Paul; a double standard commonly seen among them that it’s “okay for Paul, not okay for anyone else”. One can expect an ‘I’m sorry’ or ‘I wasn’t aware it’ is coming from Paul when/ if he does address the issue; just like his “explanations” on the controversial newsletters he published for over 10 years, the Soros advisors on the task force he co-chaired with Barney Frank etc and Paul wants to be POTUS!?