Rush Limbaugh Advertiser Fights Back Against Boycott, Calls it Terrorism

Stevens “.. internal American terrorism..”

Terrorism is a good word for what Media Matters and the left is doing. Keep in mind there are two sides to that road. As I argue in Tactic #20 Counter Boycott the reasons to not boycott do not hold anymore. We are in the fight of our lives against hardcore radicals. Radicals who have spent decades on turning this nation into some sick twisted progressive/ marxist/ communist utopia.

Boycotts have IMMEDIATE results hitting people where it counts, their wallets and bottom line. One thing is for sure you cannot sit on the sidelines anymore Counter Boycotts are simple to initiate packing a huge punch. Americans should be targeting all entities backed by the left attacking Rush, conservative radio, etc and those who support organizations like Media Matters! The left needs to be shown they are no longer calling the shots, question to you America is are you prepared to take the wheel?