Sean Hannity Exclusive: Unedited Obama Harvard Race Video Unveiled

Keep in mind the release of this video is not to be a gotcha moment or smoking gun on Obama but on the media to vet him. They failed to show yet another relation of Obama’s to a radical professor. It also exposes one of Obama mentors, Prof. Charles Ogletree, who admits to hiding the vid because of the embrace between Obama and Bell prior to the ’08 election. Hidden to you and I but NOT to the media. If they wanted this they could have gotten it and then looked deeper into Obama’s ties to radicals etc.


Part 2 vid really spells out the significance of this if you feel like “what’s the big deal?”

This wouldn’t be complete without hearing from Michelle Malkin taking lib Juan Williams to task on the importance of this vid, after Williams expresses disappointment (looking for a “smoking gun” vid)


As Andrew Breitbart promised this year Obama will be vetted.
It’s on all of us to look for info and inform the masses.
We are the new media… “I am Andrew Breitbart”
To all you libs as Andrew also said “F*ck You…. WAR!”