Obama: ‘Wild-Eyed Socialist Tax Hiking Class Warrior Ronald Reagan’ Supported Buffett Rule

Buffett paying less than his secretary is a F#$%@&G LIE. OBAMA IS A LIAR, DECEIVER and is DIVIDING this nation through CLASS WARFARE!!

Buffett is paying CAPITAL GAINS TAX on income from investments, dividends etc.
His secretary is paying INCOME TAX on her salary/ wages from her 9-5 job. Barry Soetoro or whatever this persons LEGAL NAME IS that is occupying the White House knows this.

He should be ashamed of himself to invoke Reagan in a speech saying “wild-eyed socialist tax hiking class warrior was Ronald Reagan”. You know why he is using Reagan don’t you. It is desperation. He knows the drones are clueless but they know of what a great President Reagan was. So BARRY invokes Reagan to say see I’m just like him I’m facing the same problems Reagan faced, I’m just like him.

I’m going to say it now Mitt Romney will be the nominee to go up against this snake oil salesman. As much as we all hate to admit it he is not the candidate we want but he is what we got. As bad as Romney is he is nothing compared to the deceit and lies from Obama let alone a marxist! Does he suck? Yes! Does he have radical ties to marxists, communists anarchists, crazy old guys seeking to have a one wold government etc? NO!

We must stop the infighting on the right and come together to get Romney in for ONE TERM! We need to focus on the House and Senate too. During that one term we must do everything possible to get third-party candidates into positions of government from the local, state level to federal levels. By the time the 2016 election comes the third-party will have solid legitimacy in American politics and we can put a presidential candidate in that is not part of the establishment and shut down the republicans and democrats once and for all.

We will not survive another 4 years of Dunham, or is it Soetoro or whomever this Obama character legally is!