Orrin Hatch Narrowly Forced Into Utah Senate Primary

Hatch is a bit perplexed as to why he is being challenged and is quite upset with the TEA Party, Freedomworks and those on the right involved with this electoral coup! Funny thing is last night Hatch answered his own question when he spoke with Fox News’ Greta Van Susteren. He commented that he can’t understand why after 36 years of service this would be happening….

Uhhh DUH that’s the problem Senator you and the rest of DC HAVE TO GO! 36 years in office and what have you truly done to stop this destructive course we are on? He like many others just plays the game. I don’t care who it is, be it Hatch, Lugar or others who like to invoke the Constitution in every other sentence, they are all the problem. All sitting politicians who have been in office for so long MUST BE REMOVED FROM POWER. Doesn’t matter if they are left or right, both are one in the same in my book! Let’s kick them out their time in power has come to an end!

By Rachel Rose Hartman / Yahoo
SANDY, Utah–By a hair, Utah Sen. Orrin Hatch was narrowly pushed into a Republican primary race against former state Sen. Dan Liljenquist Saturday after failing to capture the 60 percent necessary to win the nomination outright.

Hatch received 59.19 percent on a second-round ballot vote against Liljenquist, who received 40.81 percent.

“There will be a primary election,” state party chairman Thomas Wright told the delegates gathered here at the South Towne Exposition Center for Saturday’s convention.

Hatch told reporters following the final vote that he was “elated” by the results and “frankly” did not think he would win 60 percent. “It would have been nice if we could have gotten 60 percent… but I consider this a tremendous win,” the 36-year senate veteran said.

Hatch once again denigrated the “outside groups” that have been involved in this race. (FreedomWorks, which is backing Liljenquist, has invested significantly in an opposition effort to Hatch.) “They’re just vicious and awful and they don’t tell the truth. And that’s been really hard for me to take,” Hatch said.

Liljenquist told reporters he was thrilled with the results and is in the race for the long haul despite being the underdog. “We like our chances going into a primary,” he said. “We knew the moment we filed that we were going up against a man who has perfect 100 percent name recognition. We were going up with a man who has millions and millions of dollars in outside out-of-state contributions to his campaign.”

Liljenquist argued that his campaign will be buoyed by in-state support and in-state funds.

Hatch on Saturday received 57 percent support in the first round of voting against nine opponents. The vote totals pushed Liljenquist and Hatch into a final, second round.