Sean Hannity Pummels Occupy Parasite Harrison Schultz

This 29 yr old carried on like a wise ass 5th grader throughout the entire interview. Hannity dismantled this kid on every position he had.

In a nutshell according to this petulant child the NYPD sent agents to Occupy to rape and pillage. He likes big business but contradicts himself saying capitalism is a failure; big business is capitalism. Daycare, healthcare, dental, education, a home, car etc should all be free!

Hannity told him to get a job whether its being a cook or a laborer of some kind. This was the true indicator of the attitude of Occupy when Schultz responded in an insulting manner that he should settle for a menial job. These monsters all want 6 figure jobs doing nothing with no experience! That’s the problem they have been programmed to get a degree and when you get out of school there is some VP or executive level position waiting for them. They think the degree entitles them with no experience.