Sean Hannity Pummels Occupy Parasite Harrison Schultz

This 29 yr old carried on like a wise ass 5th grader throughout the entire interview. Hannity dismantled this kid on every position he had.

In a nutshell according to this petulant child the NYPD sent agents to Occupy to rape and pillage. He likes big business but contradicts himself saying capitalism is a failure; big business is capitalism. Daycare, healthcare, dental, education, a home, car etc should all be free!

Hannity told him to get a job whether its being a cook or a laborer of some kind. This was the true indicator of the attitude of Occupy when Schultz responded in an insulting manner that he should settle for a menial job. These monsters all want 6 figure jobs doing nothing with no experience! That’s the problem they have been programmed to get a degree and when you get out of school there is some VP or executive level position waiting for them. They think the degree entitles them with no experience.

  • Hannity is a punk. The OWS guy is a punk. Ron Paul is the man. FREE MARKET ECONOMICS. Study the Austrian economists.

    • I guess you like Ann Ryan? FYI the freemarket queen died in a nursing home on Medicaid and was living on government assistant and Ron Paul is a millionaire who sponsored a newsletter that would have been popular in Berlin in 1933.

  • This guy is an IDIOT !!!!!!!!!!

  • phatmanXXL

    He sounds like a drug addict in denial.

  • Joseph

    “Conversations” like the one Hannity just had are the reason so many people want anarchy. He’s reinforcing the broken culture. Sad. It’s too bad this got televised, as it’s a turn-off to many people to see Hannity berate an opponent like that.

    • Hannity is a rich asshole.

  • Joseph

    Here’s my thing: I agree with Hannity’s stance on capitalism, and I disagree with most of the OWS movement. Most. Not all. However, how did Hannity help this guy? How did he help the angry, disillusioned crowds of OWS protestors? He gave his enemies fuel for their protests.

    • nelly0042

      On Friday, Hannity had a second interview with Harrison Schultz during his radio show. The main thrust of the second interview was to offer to help find a job for Mr. Schultz, but when the offer was made, Harrison had a some rather steep criteria: he expected a position between $80,000 and $100,000 (and the hours had to be right). Anything less would be beneath him (his words). Hannity tried to offer help (far more than I thought he deserved), but our friend the Occupier obviously really doesn’t want a job.

  • Bluiz54

    I saw the interview and I’ve seen the bit clips that Hannity has shown since then. One being that he actually offered him a job with Fox and he declined unless he was paid 80-100K/year… that that true?

    • Is it true that the Oceans do not contain salt? Is it true that Rommel was really a nice guy? Is it true you have been isolated in a prison cell so long you have become stupid?

  • Sgrubstake

    I have been in the work force longer than this guy has been alive, and he want to make more money than I? I have multiple degrees, too, and I expect to be paid based on my knowledge and experience, not because of some sense of entitlement.

    BESIDES – a degree/degrees in sociology? This is not even a STEM discipline!

  • Were I this kid, I would have reached over to Hannity, and grabbed his pencil neck and dragged him to the ground and kicked him in the nuts about 9 times. Had this been done to Hitler in 1930, 50 million people would not have died. Hannity is a rich Nazi…and deserves to be assaulted. It would be worth going to jail for and Hannity to avoid
    going to court would not have filed charges.