American Flag On The Ground Prior To Obama’s Event – Stars & Stripes Disgraced

University of Iowa denies imperial regime campaign mishandled the large American flag.

The Blaze:
““There was no violations of flag etiquette,” University of Iowa spokesman Tom Moore told TheBlaze.

The school had earlier apologized for the “show of disrespect” via a posting on their Facebook page.

When asked if placing the flag on the ground was standard procedure, Moore replied, “Yes, there was a protective plastic sheet under the flag and a frame so despite the appearances of the photo, the flag was not touching the ground.”

But that still could be an issue. According to U.S. flag code, the national colors should never touch ”anything beneath it, such as the ground, the floor, water, or merchandise.” When asked about this violation, Moore insisted that “this is the protocol this crew follows all the time.””.…more